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RE: JoJo's Latest Screw Of American Taxpayers
Message edited:

Yvonne, I don?t know who you are referring to.

But , yes, each and everyone of us, does have our bias. You are absolutely correct. If you will read earlier, I do not feel that anyone is making excuses for President Biden.

As for Afghanistan, I was just trying to appeal to fairness and facts as I know them, so that we all may glean a little bit more information and gain a different perspective when it came to Afghanistan and putting the full blame on Biden.

Yes, I did my duty and I voted for Biden. I want to believe he will do everything he can to heal the soul of this nation. Personally, I feel he is trying and if you notice, he doesn?t get ugly and call people names or make fun of them or declare it is fake news.

As I, also, said- Biden would not have considered running if he didn?t feel Trump was destroying our democracy. His peers encouraged him and supported him when he made the decision. It was a given that he was most likely the only one who could beat Trump. Trump was threatened by his nomination and his campaign managers and advisors told him he was up against a formidable contender.

To make you feel any better, if it were not for Trumps blundering, inadequacies, and misinformation about the pandemic, he would have probably won, in spite of his many other questionable remarks, denials and irresponsible behavior. It was a close call.

You are right though, I do not like Trump. In all candor, I find it baffling why anyone does considering his lack of knowledge and fledgling style of leadership. But to each his own. We are a democracy and we feel the way we feel. Is it because one is strictly loyal to the Republican Party?

I am not loyal to any party. I want a candidate which best represents what I feel is imperative issues to be dealt with.

I have a story to offer, which I have recited many times.

On a cold rainy night, a gentleman with his four kids boarded a metro bus. The father seemed oblivious to the outside world and to his children?s loud behavior.

There was a man seated a few rows behind him reading his newspaper. He quickly became annoyed at the unsettled young children and the fact their father did nothing to control them.

After a while, he became irate and got out of his seat, approached the father and said-

For gods sake man! What kind of father are you. You kids are acting out and disturbing everyone on the bus! Get control of those brats!

The father looked up with tears in his eyes and said

Oh sir, please forgive me. I will right away. I am so sorry. You see, I am taking them home from their last visit with their Mom at the hispital. She just died. I am at a loss and for a moment felt as if this was a nightmare. Please forgive me and them. I will take care of if it.

At that moment, the man?s anger abated and his heart softened. He expressed his sympathy and asked what he could do to help.

The point of this story- we are all capable of a paradigm shift if given the right information. We often assume and it dictates our feelings toward a matter which isn?t completely understood. I was not in any shape or form trying to condemn you for your views on Biden and Afghanistan. I was trying desperately to impart factual information so that you might also see, Biden was not 100 percent at fault for the Afghanistan debacle. Because he was Commander and Chief, he was 100 percent responsible for his decision. You and I do not have the expertise nor the military strategic mindset to know what could have been done or any other options. I do know, that regardless of any road taken, it would have been wrong to those who are not only ultimate Trump supporters but others who were not necessarily Trump supporters but Republicans- therefore anything Biden would have done would have been wrong. Again, it was a tragic tragic decision and it will always be a blemish on Biden.

We can all sit at a table and discuss the economy, the pandemic, the issue of abortion and gun control, but this thread originated with Brett about paying money to illegal aliens over the separation of their children. This was how it was addressed and yes, Trump, as with Afghanistan, was part and parcel of this horrific debacle. This is why he was mentioned in the first place. I believe it was you who first mentioned Afghanistan. I might be wrong. I will check.

Yes, dear lady, you have every right to voice your opinion and I, in no way, want to make you feel as if your thoughts and feelings on the matter are not important. But it is statements like yours which encourage debate and hopefully a paradigm shift if convincing evidence is presented.

Many of the things you state, in all fairness, do beg questions, just as I am sure things I say beg questions. I do not mind being confronted with reasonable and justifiable inquiries. It is this kind of conversations or debates which stretches our minds and helps us to be more aware of what, why and how people think.

I don?t think anyone is trying to argue with you. I don?t want you to feel as if you are not heard because obviously you are.

It is when a few cross the line with intended insults where many things get off track and we lose the cohesiveness of a subject.

Hope you are doing well and staying warm.

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