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The Real Cause of Global Warming

   Thread Started December 17 at 7:47PM

What the hell is wrong with Bannon the Destroyer? Doesn't he know the politically correct term for climate change has been changed to extreme weather and any government agency who uses the wrong key word will be cut off the gravy train tout suite and post haste too.

But here's some science-based, erm post dystopian based facts to chew on.

Apparently the real cause of global warming is bitcoins and porn.

Those Bene Gesserit witches were holding out all this time.


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RE: The Real Cause of Global Warming

Reply on December 22, 2017 03:10 AM
Of course climate change and global warming ARE NOT real--much like the existence of dinosaurs.

It's simply the latest ruse to get naughty kids to be nice--after the Santa Claus debacle.
Tooth fairy's still real, though--and no, it's not Elton John.

Working on my latest bestseller: 'Myth of the Arctic'.
Should be ready by the end of the millennium.

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