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What is this site for?

   Thread Started October 4 at 7:05PM

I'm frustrated because I inadvertently hurt someone's feelings because I'm going to review using the 'star system' the way it is meant to be used.

I started adding the definition of the stars to my signatures on reviews, and I've given folks the reasons why I assigned the rating I did.

I've gotten a little bit of flack, but nothing I really didn't expect. But, now I have a little old lady that thinks I'm mean and I told her I don't care about how her day is. NO - I told her that her 'writing' wasn't structured correctly.


This is my disclaimer I'm adding to reviews:
I'm getting a bit stingier with stars. Some of us are doing our best to make the rating system fairer. If you give everyone a '5,' and you only have six '6s,' then some of the people getting fives aren't being judged fairly.

***** (5) stars = EXCELLENT (Enjoyable to read and NO errors)
****(4) stars = GOOD (Adjustments Needed)
*** (3) stars = Below Average
** (2) stars = BELOW AVG (Needs work)
* (1) star = POOR (MAJOR Revisions needed)

Maybe its time to leave the site and concentrate on my writing - I just don't know,


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RE: What is this site for?

Reply on March 2, 2018 02:58 PM

A poem I reviewed had a misspelled word in the title, probably a typo. No biggie. I've done that myself (even had one reach the galleys stage of publication with a typo in the title - the editor had assumed I'd done it for stylistic effect! Double oops). But this piece on Fanstory had received between 20-30 reviews and not one of them had mentioned it. The author later admitted to me he'd misspelled the title on purpose, to see if anyone would notice.

Go Fanstorians!

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