Create A Writing Contest

A Writing Challenge

In a writing challenge you provide a challenge to another writer. It is a writing prompt or a poetry challenge (such as writing a specific type of poem) that only one writer may accept.

There is a 1.00 member dollar fee to create or accept a challenge. This goes to the committee that will choose the winner. You can earn member dollars by writing reviews. If you decide not to create the contest (you do not click on the "create it" button on the next screen) your account will not be charged.

Q:What should I write in my challenge?
A: Challenges should be simple writing prompts. They can be a challenge to write a poem. For example, an Acrostic Poem. They can be as short as "Write about _____" (fill in the blank) or specific challenges where you set a scene (A man walks into a diner and shouts "I have an announcement"). They should be simple and to the point. Click here to read some writing prompt examples and for additional information. For more involved contests create a writing contest.

Q:Do I have to provide the prize?
A: No. You do not need to provide the prize. You will specify an entry fee. You and the person that acccepts your challenge will pay an entry fee (in member dollars). That will create a prize pool which will go to the winner.

Q:Who will determine the winner?
A: After the deadline is reached we will send both entries to a committee. The committee will choose the winner. Usually in 24 hours.

Q:How will the winner be paid?
A:The site will pay the winner the full prize pool after the committee makes a decision. There will never be a tie.

Q:After I create my challenge what should I do?
A:Wait for someone to accept it. When you create your challenge your identity is not shown. Not until it is accepted will the person that accepts the challenge know your identity. Once accepted, you will be notified and you will find out who you are competing against. The site will take care of running the contest. You can enter your post at any time prior to the deadline. If you miss the deadline you will lose the contest.

Q:What if I don't write about the topic or if the person that challenges me does not?
A:The committee carefully considers the topic. If an entry does not follow the topic that will be a negative and can lead to losing the contest. It is important that your topic be very clear for this reason.