- Licked by a Puppy, Happyby equestrik
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Licked by a Puppy, Happy by equestrik
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As I drive away from the lumber yard,
At this small moment in time
I am ,' licked in the face by a puppy, happy'
Well, almost (it's hard to beat being licked by a puppy)

I, at fifty, a single mom of three,
And single grandma raising one
Through so many hard times and struggles getting by,
Finally have my own small place.

And by my own strength and perseverance,
And as my daughter states, my stubborn will,
Have the ability to make it mine,
A dream coming true.

For three months now (I have the blisters for proof!),
I have wielded and swung a sledge hammer,
Breaking a couple tons of concrete.
I have pulled and pounded nails, and now, today,

This lumber I will measure and cut, Horse stalls will be built.
The100-year-old cow barn will be transformed,
Into homes for my beloved horses:
Wings, Jazz, and Angel -- Hermes, Poseidon, Banjo et al.

I am, indeed, 'Licked by a puppy' happy!

Writing Prompt
Think about happiness and write a happy poem. It can be any style, free verse or rhyme.


Author Notes
I was not sure about some of the punctuation, I welcome suggestions!


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