- The Giant Orb Weaving Spiderby Dolly'sPoems
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Extended Sonnet
The Giant Orb Weaving Spider by Dolly'sPoems

This terrifying creepy spider clings
and weaves a deadly single web of thread
of springs so finely made with sticky strings,
to capture prey who settle in her bed.

The female of the species is a giant,
her deadly moves are silently achieved, 
reliant on her senses she’s compliant,
and foolish insects will fulfil her needs.

She earns her food and never is she glum,
no need to fight or stun the victim here,
the fun is in adhesive tacky gum,
to keep the insects still, they must adhere.

No venom in her veins, she’s slow to kill, 
as she enjoys the thrill of secrecy;
her skill will chill along your spine at will,
the spider’s web holds no hypocrisy.

And when the day is done, she rests her head,
the family enjoy the tasty spread.



Author Notes
The Giant Orb Weaving Spider weaves impressive webs and lives in warmer climates around the world. They do bite if they are provoked, but it is not fatal, there maybe some mild pain, nausea and dizziness. They have striped legs and can measure around 5 inches in diameter and their size is a terrifying sight. These giant spiders capture flies, beetles, locusts, moths and cicadas in their sticky webs.

Art by Dolly.


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