- The enemy by Iza Deleanu
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Covid rebellion
The Corona saga
: The enemy by Iza Deleanu
Coping with Covid-19 writing prompt entry

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
I used to put others above myself, but then Covid happened, and I realized how bad my dedication was.

I needed the others to see me and help me go through this... and surprise, surprise! They were used to "receiving", the "giving" portion was missing from their vocabulary and education.

Fuck! I turned my other cheek, this time my bottom cheek, and started my selfish adventure.

Covid visited me in March and since then I checked out from my good list a lot of my so called friends. I kept only Mom, my sister and God, the rest were complaining too much.

In order to keep myself afloat, I became selfish. I know, you are a righteous person, this is  not how a Christian supposed to behave. But this Christian had to survive the rage of my friends for daring to get out of the house and work and live as usual.

My friends who advised me to bleach everything, and if you see somebody on the ground " don't touch might have Covid!"

What else did I learn? We all die someday: the advantage of dying now is that you get a free burial or "barbecue ". Please, forgive my bitterness, but it is true.

The hard truth is if we don't die now, we will die in a couple of months of hunger or stupidity. You know another riot will happen, and I might accidentally be trespassing on their crazy "party".

God, please forgive me, I finally have somebody else to blame for my weakness, and that thing is Covid.

How I wish everything would go back to normal, but deep down, I know it will not. They took away our freedom of speech and the liberty of traveling. We got confined to one spot, and luckily, I can use my past travel memories as my happy La-La Land.

Covid and myself will never be friends. We've gotten used to each other, but we'll never be friends.


Writing Prompt
How has coping with Covid-19 changed things in your life



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