- The Miracleby Iza Deleanu
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A prayer
The Miracle by Iza Deleanu
    Surprise! 80 Words or Less Contest Winner 

Scared, alone waiting for the verdict that would make the difference between life and death.

I hide and cried my pain alone.

I started to pray hoping that somehow that stage four will go away. I heard a voice in my head: "Don't worry; he will be fine, you will see."

Five minutes later a call: "I got the results. It's only two and operable. This it's a wonderful surprise!"

"I know baby, the Holy Mother told me. Pray!"

Writing Prompt
Write a complete story in 80 words or less.

The theme is 'Surprise.'

You may incorporate this theme into the story any way you wish, but it must somehow relate to the topic.
Surprise! 80 Words or Less
Contest Winner


Author Notes
This story is real in 2014 my husband was diagnosed in Romania with Colon Cancer. I was alone in Canada and I felt helpless. Initially they said it's stage four, but after the MRI and Biopsy it was stage two. I prayed to the Mother of God, and before he gave me the good news I already knew that he is going to be fine, because she spoke to me.


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