- Tad with a bag by Iza Deleanu
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Tad with a bag by Iza Deleanu
A Phonemes and Phonics Challenge contest entry

Mom says PTSD it's a funky disease and I shouldn't make fun of my friend Pot Head, as we call him, or officially Tad. Poor Tad forgot his "bad manners" and started to pat all of us on the shoulder begging for a thought.

- What? What do you want?

- I want a bag with a hat and a hug?

- Hug in a bag? That's silly, Tad.

- But, but Bob, I really want a hug in a bag, can't you give me that?

- I thought and I thought, yes, I will get you a hat in a bag next to a hug.

- Would you? Really? BOBBBB, you'll make happy, Tad?

- Oh. Boy! Oh, boy! I am a silly toy, for this Taddy, joy. Here you go Tad. Here is your bag with your hat and my hug on the top.

- Bobby, my good lad, you made happy Tad.

- Of course, Tad, my strange pal with a hat on the bag and a hug on the top.



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