- Questionable Housekeeping by Y. M. Roger
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Questionable Housekeeping by Y. M. Roger
Question writing prompt entry

What was that sound behind the door?
Perhaps a squeak like once before.
Might have been scraping on the wall...
Could it have been our gnomes who scrawl?
Come on, you’ve heard them, haven’t you?
My mom said that one stole your shoe.
You couldn't think that was the cat...
For how, pray tell, could cats do that?
Good heavens, must I spell it out?
You've seen the gnomes that sneak about.
Who do you think cleans all these floors,
Or what about that truck of yours?
Hey, hey, do you believe me now?
It doesn't mean that I'm highbrow.
I recommend you hire gnomes,
Who wouldn't want a ‘Gnome, Sweet Home’?


Writing Prompt
Write a poem in which every stanza either begins with a question or ends with a question.


Author Notes
Image of '3 Gnomes' (acrylic on canvas) by Leslie Thomas at


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