- Questions about Fishby HarryT
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Ever thought about the names of fish?
Questions about Fish by HarryT
Question writing prompt entry

Do monkfish live in
monasteries and pray?
Do swordfish sharpen their
blades and fight duels?
Do lanternfish light the
Are goldfish worth their
Wouldn’t you like to know?
And too…
Are billfish the tax collectors
of the sea?
Are clownfish really funny?
Can one see sailfish skimming
amidst the waves?
How about a long-bill spearfish
impaling its prey
Do bonefish look like skeletons?
Are blue fish really blue?
Want the answers?
Visit an aquarium that is
Close to you


Writing Prompt
Write a poem in which every stanza either begins with a question or ends with a question.


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