- My wordsby DR DIP
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How I am
My words by DR DIP


My words are simple, but from the heart
I say exactly how I feel
Guess I have right from the start
There's nothing to conceal

My words are easy, to conceive
That's how I simply write
Always sincere, I truly believe
I say what I think is right

My aim is true and always will be
This is apologetically me
With these words, I hope you see
What is our true destiny

For I am but a simple man
Nothing too pretentious
I just have a simple plan
Nothing that's contentious

To rid the world of greed and hate
You could say that is my goal
I spread the seed to propagate
To reach your heart and soul

So let this be my final word
With what I say to you
Seldom seen but always heard
With a message hope gets through


Author Notes
Probably my last post on here.... but who knows. It is a magnet that draws my curiosity.
Been over seven years of coming to this wonderful site meeting many personalities some becoming lifelong friends I am sure.
We are all drawn here with a common passion of the written word be it ever so simple or strongly metaphoric and that is the beauty of diversity.

Obviously not everyone's cup of tea in both personality and writing style but nonetheless I have given over seven years of contribution with well over 4000 poems posted.
A lot of initially fun banter on the social forum which I must admit was an attraction toward the end be it just for the shit stirring with diverse viewpoints.

Sadly that got rather toxic on a few thread topics but in admins wisdom those topics have been removed but funnily enough everyone's visits to the forum be it as participators of just voyeurs has greatly diminished.

On saying all this, until my premier shield membership ceases in the next couple of months, I am sure visits though very fleeting, will still occur.

That is the passion of the written word that has drawn us here together.

Respectfully and truthfully dip


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