- Loyalty 2by DR DIP
This work has reached the exceptional level
I don't recall!
Loyalty 2 by DR DIP

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.

Let me tell ya about presidential loyalty
That all these guys have pledged
It's a bit like diplomatic royalty
And everything becomes alleged

"Cover my arse" says Donald Trump
And then I'll cover yours
"If not your fired!" I have your rump
Yep I'm counting scores

If one is to bullshit you need a good memory
Be careful what you say
Otherwise your job is totally temporary
Every dog will have its day

Presidential privilege has never been so prevalent
The longer this saga goes on
Its total sacrilege it is so evident
Honesty has completely gone

I DON'T RECALL! I can't remember!
Is a common catch cry
Let's all hope it ends in November
And we end this one big lie!


Author Notes
Senate judicial enquiries all end up the same way..Everyone trying to cover their arse Shit scared they are going to get retribution for blabbing



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