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Please Send Help by DragonSkulls
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Australian couple discovers world's oldest message in a bottle ...

Strolling along the beach, I saw it glinting in the sun, a bottle with a message inside. I pulled it from the sand and opened it. The top of the message had a date of only a few days prior. The next thing written was coordinates,  13º N, 59º W. Under that, in big letters, it said, PLEASE SEND... but the rest of the page had gotten wet, the ink had faded and the words were illegible. My first thought was that it's from someone shipwrecked and in desperate need of my help.

After running back to my car, I rushed home and pulled out a map and looked up the coordinates. They were on an island in the Caribbean. I called the airport and told them to have my helicopter fueled up and ready. I stocked the chopper with water, first aid kits and emergency supplies.

I flew three hours then spotted the island. It was 10:28 p.m. when I landed. I grabbed my backpack and started running towards the exact coordinates. As I reached the beach, I found the first five survivors. They cheered when they saw me approaching.

Holding up the bottle, I yelled, "I got your message!"  Another roar of admiration.

One of the young men said, "So, where is it?"

"Where's what?"

"You said you got the message."

"Yes, it read 'please send' and the rest was unreadable so I assumed the last word was help."

"No, dude. The message said please send more beer."


Writing Prompt
Write a story, Flash Fiction 250 words, beginning : 'Strolling along the beach, I saw it glinting in the sun, a bottle with a message inside.' Continue the story. Write a title.
Message in a bottle
Contest Winner


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