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Help! by pome lover
Write A Sonnet writing prompt entry

Inconsequential is my tale of woe
To those who aren’t, in point of fact, um… me;
However, even if you aren’t, I know
You’ll shake your head most sympathetically.
My dryer conked and must soon be replaced,
Computer has been hacked and needs repair,
Seems everything is falling on its face
And I’m about to pull out all my hair!
My cell phone died when tried to add upgrade
I lost all pictures ‘cause they weren’t in cloud
The kids today can do this without aid!
But I’m too old for this, cryin’ out loud!
My car door wasn’t tight, my “battry’s” dead,
Oh, help! Enough!  I’m going back to bed.

Writing Prompt
Write a sonnet. A sonnet is a poem of 14 lines. It follows a strict rhyme scheme. It is often about love. Instructions and examples.

Author Notes
semi true - parts of it


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