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After Twenty-Five Years. by aryr
Time stood still ? writing prompt entry
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Stepping off the train, twenty-five years later, in his hometown, he wondered if time had stood still.

He was meeting his barely older sister, Nancy. He was the younger twin and she had beaten him by four and a half minutes.

He had left home at the ripe old age of sixteen. The government had deemed him old enough to enlist, and against his parents wishes, he signed up. Over the years he had re-enlisted several times, purposely avoiding his parents and his old girlfriend.

His parents had died about seven years ago. They were together when they had their car accident which involved a drunk driver.

Nancy had understood his reply that he was in a secret mission and could not leave. It was a feeble excuse. He could have arranged to come home for their funeral.

She was now getting married, as her only brother, she wanted him to walk her down the aisle.
He had just finished his last enlistment and had served long enough that he was able to retire. Ultimately it would be his choice. So, he took his vacation leave and came home to be there for his sister.

She was getting married next week planning everything. It was her second marriage, her first husband died six days after they were wed. He was killed by a drunk driver.

Now she was marrying Isabel's brother, Ted, the drunk driver who had been responsible for his parent's death. He had been sober since that day.

Writing Prompt
Write a piece of nostalgia( Fiction 250 words, title not included in word count, create a title) beginning:
Stepping off the train, twenty -five years later, in his hometown, he wondered if time had stood still.

Author Notes
Tulips for a Bride by avmurray, thank you so much for this picture.


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