- Vodka anyone?by Iza Deleanu
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a drink to die for
Vodka anyone? by Iza Deleanu
Final Words writing prompt entry

Here are my last thoghts to the world:

My Shadow and I were playing a tango, which is everything that was left from my family. We got lost in this sea called life. Each of us choose a different road. Who am I to deceive you with this spectacular letter? I am drunk, sad, and disappointed. I lost my freaking job! I know I am not the only one, but today it's about me. So what the heck, let's drink up my friend- shots!

Dear friends, this is Geronimo, your clown. I had to wear lots of masks to survive. But today, no Sirr, this Yes MAN, is going DOWNNN! 

We supposed to be a creature of God and live happily with what God gave us. But no, we need more and more. God gave us a house, and we want a bigger one. God gave you family, and you got out and made another one just for fun. But are you ever happy? You ask for more and more. But God sad, lets you go. You just take, and take, and give nothing in return ungrateful pain.

I, Geronimo the Clown; I made fun of my family, and my chance to have a good and honest life. I got caught in the web of lies and deceit.

Today I decided to let it go. No more, Mr. Clown! Come here Shaddie. Let's drink this last bottle of vodka. My final words are: Thank you, world, you gave me joy and pain. Dear family, I am so sorry for the suffering I caused. Father, please forgive me, I spike this drink with poison, I don't deserve your Heaven, so I am going straight to Hell. Cheers! Vodka, anyone?

Dear family, I am so sorry for the suffering I caused. I was the worst brother, father, husband, and lover! My last words to you, dear world: by happy with what you have. And most importantly, be humble and listen to the voice and guidance of God.

Writing Prompt
Your character is going to die within moments. What are the final words? Describe the circumstances of the pending death.

Author Notes
A silly note to death, from Geronimo the clown.


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