- Money Treeby Iza Deleanu
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a house plant
Money Tree by Iza Deleanu
Dying Houseplant writing prompt entry

I wake up from my dream. A house plant is dying. That was the last thing I remember... a houseplant is dying and somehow it needs to live.

I looked around me and did a quick inventory. And here she was, my Money Tree was dying. I got this plant as a house warming gift. Until now it was my constant barometer. If the plant was green and with lots of leaves, I was happy. Green and leaves meant I was O.K. financially: the money was coming, no matter what!

Today my plant was dying and I had no idea why. First day, and I can feel it already. First bill no money to pay it, first leaf to fall. I needed badly to find a solution. I packed my plant and went to see my friend at the botanical garden; for sure she will tell me why this happening?

My friend asked me if I have changed anything from the plant habits: water, sun, soil... words of encouragements and care.

Shoot that was the problem. Lately, I was so worried, that I forgot about our daily conversations.

- Aha, you see plants have feelings, and when you don't pay attention  they are like children; they wither and die.

I thanked my friend and I returned home. I put my Money Tree in its usual spot and I start talking:

- I am so sorry my dear friend; please forgive me for letting you down.

The Money Tree, turned its face to me and miraculously started to speak:

- Don't worry, my friend. I was a little bit lonely, and I felt abandoned. It seemed like you forgot about me. You were so lost in your thoughts, that you didn't notice that I started to shed my leaves until it was too late.

- You know, I was worried about my mom. I am not going to be able to see her this year. Also, I am worried about my job.

- Don't be so worried, you have me, and most important you have GOD. Remember His words: "Leave your worries to me, and follow me."

My house plant was smarter than me. She taught me a precious lesson today about faith and friendship. Now I know, I have to pay attention to my surroundings. Whatever is under my roof is a gift from our God, and I must help them live.


Writing Prompt
A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.


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