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Drama by Bill Schott
100 Word Dash writing prompt entry

I was new to East High and the drama class. Mr. Chambers assembled the cast on the stage.

"Listen up, students. We ---"

"Mister C," interrupted a girl in a toga. "May we welcome the new guy?"

"Yes, Amy," he answered. "Everyone, form a line; welcome Christopher to drama."

Each student greeted me with a showbiz quote.

"Break a leg."    
"I knew it was you, Fredo."    
"Yooo luke Mahvalous!"       

Finally, Amy stepped up and smooched me saying, "Make me immortal with a kiss."

I smiled, turned, and threw my arms up shouting, “Look Ma! Top a da woyld!”


Writing Prompt
Topic: A first kiss between strangers.

Let's take flash fiction to the extreme. Can you tell a complete story with just 100 words. If so this is your opportunity to shine.


Author Notes
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The first quote is the traditional saying which replaces 'Good Luck' on stage. The second is from the Godfather, when Michael accuses his brother of planning their father's murder. The third is a quote that Fernando Lamas used often and was used in homage by Billy Crystal later. This was what an uncle told Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. Amy's quote was from Doctor Faustus, and Christopher's was James Cagney's last words in the movie White Heat.


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