- Anger 'Gainst Anger ain't Workinby bob cullen
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A thought on the chaos in today's world
Anger 'Gainst Anger ain't Workin by bob cullen

Anger 'Gainst Anger ain't Working

I'd like to tell you a story
About a dream I had last night
And the more I think about it
The more I just knew it was right

This Corona thing that's smashed us
I fear it's infected our brain
With all this anger around us
It seems the whole damn world's insane

I know hate won't bring solution
There's one question I need to ask
Does anyone have an answer
Our leaders can't manage the task

Blame is the game some persist with
Finger pointing's how they address
Anger 'gainst anger ain't working
Let's work towards righting this mess


Author Notes
Let's hope someone does come up with a solution.


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