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cure for Coronella
Doctor Knight by Iza Deleanu
Once upon a time.... writing prompt entry

- Mommy, mommy you always swear when you say Coronella. What's a Coronella? Is this a kind of yucky medicine?

Horrified I looked at my child and sighed. How the heck do I explain to him this Chinese business without being accused of racism?

-Freddy, once upon a time there was a grumpy bat that sneezed - coronaid in a Wonton soup and got the Chinese at the table sick. Then these people start travelling around the world, and finally arrived in Canada.

- And then what happened?

- Once arrived in Canada, Coronella started to fight with the Knight Doctor.

- Who won the battle?

- Mr. Knight of course, he is on his way to find a cure.

- A cure for the bat that fall in the soup?

- You got it, Freddy!

- O.K. mommy. I don't like Coronella, because was so mean with Mr. Bat.


Writing Prompt
Write a childrens' story (150 words- title not included( write your own title)about a pandemic. The story should be amusing, capture the child's interest, while conveying a real sense of what a pandemic is.

Author Notes
Coronella is a reference to the Corona virus.


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