- The second respondersby Iza Deleanu
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Day 39
The Corona saga
: The second responders by Iza Deleanu

I decided to document how this virus is affecting my sanity. So feel free to join me in this experience, I hope the reading will become funnier, than what I posted so far. Thank you for reading.

April 24, 2020
Day 39

We hear in the media this frenzy about the first responders, how great they are. We call them heroes. Their response to this worship is: we don't have PPE, BOOT, SCR, MAS, PPS, GLV, etc. Don't you know what that abbreviation means? It's O.K., I got you, because some of those abbreviations I made them up. My story, my terms!

PPE, aka Personal Protective Equipment, duh, we knew that. BOOT aka special medical boots that the first responders needs when they work in a contaminated section. SCR, aka unique medical scrubs or hazmat suit that protects the nurses and doctors that are working with Coronei. MAS, aka masks disposable and non-disposable that can be wear also by the second responders. PPS, aka Personal Protective Screen for the grocery workers and finally GLV or gloves, used by everybody who wants to be fancy and feel protected.

Recent studies are saying that they don't protect you against Coronella, and this goes to the rest of the above. I guess you are safe, only if you have been born under a Lucky Star or got the mark of Cain, the ones that are watching the Shadow Hunters saga, know what I am talking about it.

Who are the first responders? The first ones are infected Coronei; because of them, the rest of the responders exists; nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, truckers, grocery workers, firefighters, fake newsmakers, and authentic ones. Please, if I forgot someone, please accept my apologies and my deepest thanks.

We live in an ungrateful world. Nobody gives praises to the second hand responders: God, Priests, Funeral personnel, mothers, fathers, children, and pets. The second responders are on lock-down. They are using improvised PPE, MSK, and GLV when they go scavenger hunting, aka fishing for essentials in the grocery stores for their families.

They don't complain. They are doing whatever is in their power to keep their families fed and save. These are the brave moms and dads that are working full time now. This unique bunch is working the required hours from home in improvised offices aka kitchen tables and 100 years old computers, zooming in a meeting and sshh-ing in the background to the babbly toddler that decided to take the morning stroll straight in the middle of your conference call. These second responders are magicians in disguise, always multitasking, and at the same time, doing the job of other people. They are now teachers, priests, outstanding Chefs, great entertainers, and ration handlers. Hurray for these extraordinary responders. Thank you, moms, dads, and kids, you are the united front against Coronella.

Nowadays,  pets are the second responders. They are always on the scene, giving you an excuse to break the lock-down for doggies business. Thank you to the cats that are inventing funny games and makes us laugh or purr our worries away. Thank you, puppies, for being there for us and showing us your joy and appreciation for every day we live.

The funeral personnel is part of the complaining group: they cry that they run out of garbage bags, ups sorry the special "bio-durable and safe bags where the Coronei" are sealed and ...burned.

God doesn't need PPE, He healed the leper. Priests are doing their best to keep the flock together with masks or without, of course, depending on the country. They are the unknown heroes in the Western world, but the ray of light in the Eastern world. They bought PPE and ventilators for the first responders, and work in the hospitals to bring hope to the dying. They feed the sick and the needy, and they are taking care of the orphans and older people; they are praying day and night for us.

Thank you, second responders, unknown heroes that are keeping this world going on. They are the ones that treat every day as it is and have no time for conspiracy theories. They are praying that we get a cure, and everybody is safe in their lock-down cage.

Author Notes
I am using Coronella instead of Corona, I think sounds funnier:) Coronei are the people who are infected with Coronella.
For my readers and reviewers, please forgive me for my bad English, since is my third language, I am using this cheap excuse to ask for your help in correcting the grammar and the other mistakes.


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