- A boy storyby Iza Deleanu
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A boy story by Iza Deleanu
    A Phoneme Challenge Contest Winner 

The boy without realizing starts vocalizing:

- Fetch the stretch of the sketch, said the little boy to his puppy.

The puppy talked sassy and looked messy after eating his food.

- Mom, are the bananas friends with the lamas from Ecuador? Or are the cherries extraordinary like fairies walking in the rain? Mom are friends compromising when realizing that there is no uprising coming this spring? We all are going to stay inside worldwide and hide.

- You silly boy, just live with joy, don't be afraid. Play with your toys, go make some noise and be free like a bee. Mommy got you, and will always guide you in life with joy.
A Phoneme Challenge
Contest Winner

Author Notes
I know it's a silly story, but I hope you like it.


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