- You took herby Iza Deleanu
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Day 37
The Corona saga
: You took her by Iza Deleanu
Horror Writing Contest contest entry

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
I am using Coronella instead of Corona, I think sounds funnier:)
For my readers and reviewers, please forgive me for my bad English, since is my third language, I am using this excuse to get help:)

Day 37
April 26, 2020

- You took her, you crazy bitch!

- No, I have not! She was old... it was her time to go!

- Who are you to decide that? Are you God?

- Yes, I am! I am Coronella, the new God in town! I take who I please, and do what I want!

- I have disinfectant! I am going to freaking bleach you right here and right now!

- And I have infected sneezes and corrupted hands and tests. So, if I want, I can take you, too!

- Yeah? Come and get me, mother fucking Chinese bitch!

- Yeah, all you can do is swear! By the way, I am not Chinese anymore; I am fucking UNIVERSAL and I've come to reinstall THE ORDER. I am taking care of the weak and the sick.

- You are? You are a fucked up liar. You took innocent babies and healthy teenagers.

-Yeah I did, but it was just an experiment. I wanted to see, if my voodoo works on them, too.

- What the heck are you saying?

- I have evolved. When I ran away from the lab, I was designed to take only the useless ones! But I got tired of the oldies, they were no threat: one sneezy and they were falling like flies. I wanted to have some fun; I wanted to have some fight. I start attacking the healthy and full of life, too. In every country I went to, I attacked different segments of the population, and also I learnt and copy paste their habits. It was so easy to infiltrate everywhere, even in their precious locked down homes.

- God is not sleeping; He is seeing you and your accomplices. You are going to get it really bad!

- I am not scared of your God. He knows my address, and he can phone me anytime.

- This is blaspheme!

- I know, you are going to say Anathema mother fucker Chinese!

- No, I am going to say that you will burn in hell pretty soon, Coronella or not! I will never forgive you! You took her!

- Why don't you understand she was old, she wanted to be with her husband. I have nothing to do with this!

- You took my grandmother by not allowing me to travel back home and pay my respects.

- Yeah, sure pin  it on me! It's not my fault, that your hometown doesn't perform on-line services.

- I don't need the on-line circus; I wanted to spend the night with her, to say my proper goodbye. Because of you, she spent the night alone in the chapel by the cemetery; because of you, no family member was allowed to stay with her after 8 pm. She died at 6 am. this morning, and tomorrow is her funeral and only 10 people can accompany her on her last rites! Just for my information, are you going to play this trick every year?

- Yup, that's my schedule. You don't know when I am coming... you will just feel my feverish breeze in your neck... that is how you will I have come!

- 'Dear Scoromonella, you don't scare us anymore. If we ignore you, life will go back to normal. The countries are opening up their borders and economy. This cocoon has reached maturity, and this butterfly is ready to fly. Sayonara! saying that I sprinkle some holy water on my body. Coronella jumped me, thinking that I am an easy prey, but she is out of luck She burst in fire. Happy I screamed: This is better than any disinfectant and it's 100% Coronella proof. Good bye, bitch! Don't come again, we are ready for you! We have millions of churches, for every life you took we built an sanctuary! You can't stand against, God!


Author Notes
Scormonella comes from the Romanian verb a scormoni, which means to dig out to drill to fan to fish out to grout to poke to rake to ransack to rummage to scan to scrutinize to stir to trim and to grub. My grandmother passed away this morning at 6 a.m. I am stuck in Canada and I can't travel to participate to her last rites. I blame all of this on Coronella, because no flights are allowed on the Romanian airports from North America.


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