- Oh, this Nightby ciliverde
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Free verse
Oh, this Night by ciliverde

I walk out to see the stars
this night

my view hemmed in by power lines

an under-story of city lights
dims the twinkle
of those light-years distant suns

and the traffic hums like the song
of ocean surf, all around
and the strident growl of
engine brakes grates my ears...

but the night birds' sleepy calls
and the sweet trill of crickets
and the breeze that I dare
to call sultry...

I know that I'm lucky to have lived
this long

I begrudge my aches and pains
and the dull worry of the virus
and my too-busy life as "essential"

(however you may take that...)

but one of these days, I will raise my voice
with the crickets
under this night sky that I have,
for these moments, all to myself

and you might hear me!

wherever you are in our imperfect world


Author Notes
It's a habit of mine to walk out into our backyard and look at the stars, every night when I get home from work late.


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