- Redemptionby kahpot
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An Acrostic Poem
Redemption by kahpot
Name writing prompt entry

Redemption is a long and haunting journey
Entrusted to selfish and wrongful actions
Decaying friendships once held in respect-
Ensuring yourself your heart holds regret
Measure your pain compare it to others
Present your worth with honest intent
Trade your past to redeem your future
Inviting the chance to stand once again
Owning the blame that you tried to defend
Never end the pursuit of  lives to amend

Writing Prompt
Write an acrostic. Pick a word, any word, and use the letters of that word for the first letter of each line in your poem. See examples here.

Author Notes
Thank you paulinanz for the artwork
The need for and the hope of success
Punctuation to come, as is the road to Redemption


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