- Eve of Destructionby Brett Matthew West
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What if the coronavirus was but a warning?
Eve of Destruction by Brett Matthew West
200 Word Story writing prompt entry
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Coronavirus? Social distancing? These catchphrases were the least of your problems. Shoved up in your face, multiple warnings appeared daily on television sets and the radio. You ask me, the whole situation's been blown way out of proportion by over-zealous, misinformed, reporters. Here's the real matter what you did, you were still gonna die. And, soon.

How did I know this? Because I held my finger on the hot button as the eve of destruction neared. Oh, don't give me that sweet, innocent, piss and moan routine. You'd be better served to provide me the faintest glimmer of why I should spare the creatures who placed the planet in this position to begin with. Mankind's been judged and found guilty as charged. I've grown weary of waiting.

You cried the blues to somebody who didn't want to hear them. The tribunal has spoken and the two-legged species is the loser. Put in charge of everything, what hasn't the human experiment ruined? Conquering the universe became simple. Since the dawn of time, my technology's always remained superior to any weapon Earthlings developed.

Did intelligent life exist in the great unknown? Before I press this button you tell me.


Writing Prompt
Write a story of 200 words. not including the title. Any subject accepted. Must be exactly 200 words.

Author Notes
In The Hands Of Man-Covid-19, by seshadri-sreenivasan, selected to complement my story.

So, thanks seshadri-sreenivasan, for the use of your picture. It goes so nicely with my story.


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