- Because I Love Youby Marjon van Bruggen
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Free verse contest. An outburst of love
Because I Love You by Marjon van Bruggen
Free Verse writing prompt entry

The sun burns the sky
a thousand little flies
come to the celebration
dancing a dizzy dance
because I love you.

The sea laps the rocks
small fish leap and jump
for joy on such a splendid day
I see the splashes in the blue
because I love you.

The seagulls fill the air
on gleaming white wings I see
reflections of a golden sun,
summersaults by happy birds
because I love you.

A bee I see sucks honey
for its queen, I know,
that is its task until the end.
I am that bee, the sweetest for you
because I love you.

Writing Prompt
Please write a free verse poem. Any topic. No rhyming patterns.


Author Notes
Just a manifestation of the joy of loving


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