- wingsby ciliverde
This work has reached the exceptional level
free verse
wings by ciliverde

A quiet disturbance
of still air
dark wings against dark sky

     my thoughts fly after the bird

don't be afraid to fall
it's the trying, not the failing
that really counts, they say

yet the missteps still hurt
after all these years

     some days I wish for second chances

perhaps a careful God
could reassemble these old bones
lay them out, one by one
straight spine, graceful fingers
bigger heart, calmer mind
clean lines

     If only I could go back
          and be better than I was

we can only hold hope
like a tiny bird
in close-cupped hands

lamplight illuminates wings
in blunt flight
a night bird, another lone spirit
and I've decided
to view this as a gift

there's no redemption here
at least not tonight
but I walk on
hoping for another glimpse
of the owl.



Author Notes
Very minimal punctuation. Just trying some new things here, on what may be a familiar theme.


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