- My Failure (a sonnet)by DragonSkulls
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Starts and Ends the Same Contest Entry
My Failure (a sonnet) by DragonSkulls
Start and Ends The Same writing prompt entry

Before I even had a thought in mind,
I wrote out five reviews to earn some cash.
They paid more than a buck, so I was kind.
I felt ashamed 'cause some of them were trash.

I joined this prompt without a goal to chase.
No metaphor or reason guides my pen.
My stupid muse won't even show its face.
I'm wallowing in writer's block again.

But here is where the piece is meant to turn.
Without direction where have I to go?
I'll watch my precious sonnet crash and burn.
I beg my brain for help, it answers, "No."

My failure stains the fabric of my core,
just like it has a million times before.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem that begins and ends with the same word.

Author Notes
The first stanza isn't true. I just know some folks only review most of
the front page stuff for what they pay. I was only playing around with
the contest. Very few works I've ever read would I label as 'trash.' Lol.


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