- Belongings Of The Pastby Marjon van Bruggen
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Memories contest. A remembrance of my first holiday love.
Belongings Of The Past by Marjon van Bruggen
Memories writing prompt entry

Underneath belongings of the past
a long-lost and forgotten photo.
Motionless a moment ---- then
memories come flooding back.

Seventeen I was and just awakening.
The sound of a new language exited
warm, green grass, a sun covered lake
A mellow terrace, the moon just lit.

He taught me to tango, I swayed willing
A hand trembled timidly on my back.
His sunburnt smiling face and velvet eyes,
the body young, strong, spoke of longing.

I melted and gave myself away.
"Write to me! Don't forget and do come back"
I kissed and promised, wrote, he never answered.
A pleading last letter. I kept his photo hidden.

His name was Aldo. I lost his face in time
underneath belongings of the past.

Writing Prompt
Look at some old photographs and write about a memory or a thought that they give you. If possible (not required) include the image in your poem.

Author Notes
This is so long ago I almost forgot...if it was not for the incidentally found photo. The contest is a nice occasion to remember old times.


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