- Total Darknessby Gypsy Blue Rose
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a contest thriller story about total darkness
Total Darkness by Gypsy Blue Rose
The Dark writing prompt entry

“Mother, why don’t you like Robert?” Willow asked.

“I don’t know, honey. It’s something about the way he talks ... it's not genuine,” Mina said.

“I see how it may seem like that but he just gets nervous around you. He wants to make a good impression.” Willow smiled.

“How can you be so sure… you’ve known him for less than six months.”

“I know, but since the day I met him I felt that I’ve known him for years.” 

“I hope you are right. I don’t want him to break your heart the way your father broke mine.”

Willow kissed and hugged her mother. “Don’t worry Mom, everything is going to be fine." 


Robert, Willow's boyfriend, worked for Google as a customer service representative. He hated his job and dreamed of the day he would not need to work for a living. He had big plans for his future.

Lunchtime, thank god. Five more hours to go,  Robert thought
He walked to ‘Tony’s Cafe’, a mediocre restaurant with a back dining area perfect for meeting Luisa, his lover.

“Hey, beautiful, how are you? Have you waited for a long time?” Robert asked.

“No, I just got here.” She kissed him.

“What have you found?” asked Robert.

“Well, there wasn’t much to do at work, the lab is pretty quiet these days, so I had time to research life insurances. The best one was Heaven Life, for 55 dollars a month we can insure her for 2,000,000  million dollars. Not bad, hah?” Luisa’s face lit up. 

"2,000,000  million? Wow, that’s a lot of money.” Robert smiled. It was his best feature. “That will be plenty to move to Puerto Rico and start a new life. We can live like royalty on that kind of money.” He was clearly ecstatic. 
“I’m so turned on right now I could have sex with you right here… on this table…” Luisa looked at Robert flirtatiously.

He looked around to make sure they were alone. He kissed her.  
"Mmm... you take my breath away," said Luisa.


After work, Robert went to Willow’s apartment. A cozy one-bedroom in Mountain View, California. He had his own place but he stayed at Willow’s at least twice a week. He even had a toothbrush in her bathroom and a change of clothes in her chest of drawers. Robert knocked on the door and Willow rushed to open it.

“Hello, babe” she threw herself into his opened arms. “Come in.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him impatiently towards her sofa. “Sit!”
He obeyed. “A little present for you.” She offered a small box. “Open it, open it...go on!” She was so excited that Robert had to smile.
Sometimes he felt bad about his plans to kill her for the insurance money but if he had to choose from a life with Willow or a life of riches with Luisa the decision was a no brainer. “Oh, honey, it’s not my birthday...this is so sweet“ He opened the box. Inside there was a key with a Pennywise, the clown from the movie 'It', keyring.  “Oh...I love it." Said Robert. "What is the key for?” Robert asked.
“It’s the key to my apartment. I know how much you like horror so I added the keyring.” She anticipated his reaction and when he didn’t say anything she said, “It’s dumb...I know.” She looked mortified. 
“Don’t be silly, it’s not dumb at all. It’s perfect. I love it.” Said, Robert.
After they had settled into a comfortable daily routine, Robert asked her to marry him and she said yes. Married life seemed perfect and all their friends thought they were the perfect couple but they were not.

After a year, Luisa was tired of waiting. “Tonight is the night”, said Luisa.

“No, I think we need more time,” said Robert.

“Are you having second thoughts? I think you are falling in love with her.” Luisa looked mad.

Robert said, “no, that’s not it at all. I can't stand her. I just think that we need to be very careful. If we get caught we can go to prison for life...or the electric chair.”

“We have gone over the plan a thousand times. Don’t piss me off.” Luisa screamed.

“Okay, okay, don’t get mad. Did you get the stuff?”

“Yes, I got it.” Luisa got the HalothaneX bottle and said, “This will do the trick and it leaves no trace.”

 “What is does it work?” asked Robert.

“It’s a new product similar to halothane but lasts three to four days. It’s an anesthetic that induces cardiac depression and potent bronchial relaxation. She will appear dead long enough for the coroner to sign the death certificate, have the funeral, and bury her.” She said without emotion. "As her husband, you will insist that she be buried as soon as possible. You can tell everyone that Willow and you made a pact. If one of you would die, the other would try to move on as soon as possible." Luisa had her doubts. "Robert, are you sure you are up to this? We are not just going to kill her, we are going to make her suffer."

"Yes. I am. But why don't we just kill her?" Robert said in a submissive way. 
"No.  I had to put up with this farce of yours and I hate her. I want her to pay."
The next day Robert gave Willow the anesthetic and she fell in a deep dead-like sleep. "I am sorry, Willow. It's only business... it's not personal."   The plan worked perfectly. 


At the cemetery, Willow’s mother confronted Robert. “She is dead because of you. You have done this! I can’t prove it yet but I won’t stop until you are behind bars!” She started to cry hysterically.

After three days, Willow woke up thirsty and disoriented. It was so dark! She tried to get up but her head hit something hard. She tried to use her hands and feet to figure out where she was. After several minutes she realized she was in a wooden box, a coffin! She was buried alive! How could this happen? It doesn’t make any sense. She felt around and found a lighter and a piece of paper. When she read it she started screaming and scratching the coffin until her fingers were raw.

     Hello, Willow,

By now you woke up and figured out you are buried alive. Robert and I will be far away as soon as we get the 2,000,000 million dollars life insurance. You have to give us some credit for getting away with a perfect crime. If I were you, I would try to save my breath. :)


Willow hoped her mother would help her.  Total darkness enveloped her.

Writing Prompt
Write a story where your character is stuck in complete darkness.

Author Notes
I don't usually write stories but I am challenging myself to go beyond my comfort zone.

I welcome constructive criticism and friendly feedback.


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