- I Was Going To Be Shotby DragonSkulls
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The Prisoner Contest Entry
I Was Going To Be Shot by DragonSkulls
The Prisoner writing prompt entry

I savagely fought for my life but to no avail. I was captured
and shoved in a cage that was loaded onto the back of a
truck for transport. There was simply no escape.

At the final destination they moved me into a building where
I saw other horrified prisoners, each with a look of certain
doom in their faces. Their cries were terrifying. Minutes
passed like hours.

An evil looking man came up to my cage and glared through
the bars at me. I shuddered in fear as he spoke.

"Sorry, Mittens, but it's time for your shots again."


Writing Prompt
In 100 words, or less, write a short story--not necessarily a flash-fiction, though it could be--on the theme/subject/topic of 'prisoner'. It could be literal or metaphoric.

Author Notes
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