- Before the stormby ciliverde
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Free verse
Before the storm by ciliverde
Poem of the Month contest entry

It's quiet at ground level.
Currents stir the tree tops
in air so sultry that it pools, like water
in a hidden grove,
and this is how we feel
the storm coming.

A slab of light that is almost-half moon -
a knowing moon that sees
through my layered veneer -
sails the scudding sky,
in silence that waits
to be broken.

Why can't I extend
this moment of peace
into the house 
where he walks, restless;
into the space between the quiet
and the coming batter of wind?

The storm runs to us;
no rain, but wind,
crying like driven nails,
and the distance between us knows
this howling voice;
its bitter chill,
and the black ice covering sadness
that lingers
like deep-running springs.

I turn back to the house
as shreds of cloud cross the face
of that old, cold moon.

Just try to imagine it -
a quiet pool reflecting green moss
and the sheltering bower
of storm-bent trees.



Author Notes
Only partially biographical.


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