- Happy Childrenby Chrissy710
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A 5-7-9 contest entry
Happy Children by Chrissy710
5-7-9 writing prompt entry
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Joyous melodies
heard in children's symphonies
 of laughter; is music to one's ear.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem on any topic that has the 5-7-9 syllable count. So the first line has 5 syllables. Second line has 7. The final line has 9 syllables.


Author Notes
Today while walking my dog I passed the local kindergarten and could hear squeals of laughter from the children. this made me smile as I thought how children laugh at the smallest things or with pure joyous innocence. This gave me inspiration for this poem

Thanks to VMargaurite for the image Sliding it seemed to fit with my vision of Happy Children

Thanks for reading my work


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