- Boys Need Daddiesby Robert Zimmerman
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A sports role model is not a daddy substitute
Boys Need Daddies by Robert Zimmerman
    This Is My Life! Contest Winner 

I lived my life without a dad.
It left a void so clear.
I saw the other boys with dads,
yet, I shed not a tear.
My grandma dear became my pops.
She loved me as her child.
She tried so hard to do the things
that let me not run wild.
I heard her voice, obeyed her will,
tried so hard to behave.
A growing boy needs lots of love,
and lots of love she gave.
I know about the boys these days,
being a mere laddie.
A role model’s not what they need,
all boys need a daddy.

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Write a poem, short piece of fiction, or an essay about your philosophy of life. No more than 1000 words.
This Is My Life!
Contest Winner

Author Notes
Boys growing up without their fathers in our society are a problem.


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