- Life With A Plumberby LisaMay
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A 50-word relationship.
Life With A Plumber by LisaMay

John didn’t try to faucet with his girlfriend, but he wanted to take the plunge. Now he’s going round the u-bend, drained with worry. He’s down in the dumps, feeling crappy, because she left him. He shouldn’t have piped up and told her that dirty joke about the Cistern Chapel.


Author Notes
Author's Note:
This is the 45th in a series of 50-word hypothetical romantic encounters with men in different jobs.
I hope you get a giggle out of these.
(Previous professions in the series have been Electrician, Baker, Pastor, Composer, Astronomer, Shoemaker, Dentist, Meteorologist, Carpet-layer, Psychiatrist, Accountant, Ornithologist, Travel Agent, Greengrocer, Artist, Boxer, Train Driver, Submariner, Magician, Writer, Gardener, Physiotherapist, Archaeologist, Chef, Elvis Impersonator, Hairdresser, Furniture Salesman, Cowboy, Photographer, Winemaker, Chocolatier, Carpenter, Glass Fitter, Waiter, Airline Pilot, Forestry Worker, Audio Engineer, Big Game Hunter, Farmer, Banker, Stuntman, Ballet Dancer, Gondolier, Ski Racer.)


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