- Life With A Gondolierby LisaMay
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A 50-word relationship.
Life With A Gondolier by LisaMay

Can Alberto resist? Mark my words, I’m taking a punt he’s sinking it would’ve venezia if he wasn’t married.
Ah, those tourist girls!
“Italia now, I’d rather play bridge with you,” he sighed, “but it’s high tide I went home to clean the venetian blinds, oar my wife’ll divorce me.”


Author Notes
Author's Note:
(Thanks to Sallyo for suggesting this one)

Translations: "venezia" is Italian for Venice. In this context = "been easier".

"Italia now" = "I tell ya now"

St Mark's and The Bride of Sighs are features in Venice.

This is the 43rd in a series of 50-word hypothetical romantic encounters with men in different jobs.
I hope you get a giggle out of these.
(Previous professions in the series have been Electrician, Baker, Pastor, Composer, Astronomer, Shoemaker, Dentist, Meteorologist, Carpet-layer, Psychiatrist, Accountant, Ornithologist, Travel Agent, Greengrocer, Artist, Boxer, Train Driver, Submariner, Magician, Writer, Gardener, Physiotherapist, Archaeologist, Chef, Elvis Impersonator, Hairdresser, Furniture Salesman, Cowboy, Photographer, Winemaker, Chocolatier, Carpenter, Glass Fitter, Waiter, Airline Pilot, Forestry Worker, Audio Engineer, Big Game Hunter, Farmer, Banker, Stuntman, Ballet Dancer.)


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