- Keeping to the Scheduleby A. Willow Bends
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Life often seems like a Merry-Go-Round ride.
Keeping to the Schedule by A. Willow Bends
Emotional Dependency writing prompt entry
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same time on the hour
brush teeth, jump in shower
pack bucket, feed the cats
keep the pace
the rat race

rush to work, get all done
watching for a glimpse of fun
shoulders tense up, yes, they do
can't rock that boat that sails for you

rush back home, throw out a dinner
as a wife, must stay a winner
laundry in, dishes done
keep the pace, the day not gone

something little goes awry
roll my eyes, deeply sigh
didn't fit the daily plan
my mind begins to run a scan
how to compensate?

even if a task is lifted
can't comprehend I have been gifted
I am learning to go slow
something yet can't fathom-know
bend the new time into calm
work it gently like a balm
mold it softly in the day
find the time to stop and play
play what?

play my bass, piano too
write a poem, read a novel through
prop my feet, watch a favorite show
not easily done for me
you know?

Writing Prompt
Write a poem about being emotionally dependent on someone or something you love and then how you overcome the ties of that dependency.

Author Notes
I am emotionally dependent on my daily schedule, the high and the low points. When something throws me off, I am OFF. My husband recently started a new eating plan for his training and I am relieved of bucket packing and most nights, supper cooking. It is as if he has fired me from 2 jobs! It is a sickness to feel one must be tied to a schedule that binds. I am learning to let go and work in things for ME! I do so want to occasionally get off the damn Merry-Go-Round.


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