- Thrift Store Shoppingby A. Willow Bends
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I have approximately 20 items I seek out. OVER and OVER.
Thrift Store Shopping by A. Willow Bends
20 Item List Poem contest entry

hooked on gently used
amused am I at the second hand shop
hop from aisle to shelf to see
what satisfies my OCD
searching always for similar things
it brings me joy

FOOTWEAR, boots or shoes
DRESSES, flowing, looking new
BOOKS, I haven't read
unusual ART that most would dread
sparkly EARRINGS, tiny ones
INSTRUMENTS, whose life is done
teeny, tiny BABY CLOTHES
JOURNALS, writing tools, who knows?
what may soon inspire me
to fill pages with thought debris

PERFUMES, strange or quirky scents
FURNITURE, some banged or bent
PURSES, bags of every sort
CDs, oldies to resort to

sealed CANDLES that have been tossed away
INCENSE for the times I pray
daily to my Higher Power
hours, I could spend the day
amongst things others gave away

ratty JEANS that fit just so
a few holes are in style, you know
FIGURINES with a musical flair
snuck in when hubby isn't there
neck SCARVES in every shade
still I search and dig and wade
through stuff

PRIZES for my preschool kids
TOYS for Grandkids knowing
their parents will flip their lids

could fill the car in no time flat
with my old lady discount
so what is item 20? Yep!
an eccentric, well-worn HAT

Author Notes
My husband and I love to shop GoodWill and thrift stores. It is great to not pay full price and if people would walk through once, they would be amazed at what is available without paying shopping mall prices. Often, the original tags are still on the item! LOVE THAT! Remember ladies, the dress will ALWAYS look far better ON YOU than it does hanging on that hanger shoved in between all those other dresses. It's true!


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