- The Toilet Paper Crunchby Rosemary Everson1
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Just toilet paper, that's what it is!
The Toilet Paper Crunch by Rosemary Everson1
Funny Nonsense Poem writing prompt entry

Toilet paper comes on a round roll
Thick firm white delicate paper
Made for wiping under the crunches
Or blowing the red dripping nose

Sitting on the guarded stool
Someone opens the stall door
You thought you had it locked
But the lock didn't go in the slot

So you give a little whimper
At the very top of your voice
Shrill travels through the building
Bathroom filled with awful noise

Enjoying a splendid vacation
The guy came walking in front
Flowing from belt, pants area
Was a long trail of toilet wipe

How embarrassing for him
For no one said a word
Hurried up trip to the bathroom
Was no where a hidden flight

Remembering to lock your door
Can make a bit of difference
Checking the back of your pants
So there's no trail of paper tissue

Writing Prompt
Write a funny nonsense poem.

Author Notes
Have you ever had an unexpected visitor when your sitting on the John or perhaps had a strip of paper hanging from the back of your pants....that's what happened on a scenic vacation we took.


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