- Calamitous Poppycockby Y. M. Roger
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Calamitous Poppycock by Y. M. Roger
Funny Nonsense Poem writing prompt entry

Pink and proud blue – patches of you,
Tangled within your taunting grin.
Whisp’ring bamboo comes wand’ring through
‘Midst my chagrin and mussed sheepskin.
Though gently call those hallowed halls,
Life’s lowly dance of circumstance,
Felled love’s downfall ‘tween mirrored walls:
Stood there askance…passed on romance.
Years fall around rain on the ground…
Parts of a whole caught in loophole.
There, fin’lly found, avoiding meltdown,
Oh, sweet control – lifeline for my soul!
Blue and brushed pink – not much, I think,
Follow your smile across the miles.
Yea, soft as mink ‘gainst armor’s chink,
Humbly beguile with heav’nly wiles…


Writing Prompt
Write a funny nonsense poem.


Author Notes
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