- Horehound Candyby JLR
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Horehound Candy by JLR
5-7-5 Sweet Stack writing prompt entry

horehound candy is
bound to be found world around,
a unique candy,

which is dandy and
not beat, by just any sweet,
which makes it a treat.

honey-sweet and nice
gently-spiced oh, does entice,
a little like ice.

a fuzzy mint herb
sore throat, it does help to curb,
sucking a lozenge.

Writing Prompt
The challenge for this contest is not just one or two or even three 5-7-5's... it's FOUR! That's right, folks, you are to choose your FAVORITE candy - and it doesn't have to be specifically Halloween candy...ANY candy - and write a stack of four 5-7-5's about it. It can even be a candy that is no longer available, but it MUST be a commercially produced candy that we can/could go to the store and buy (or have the store special order for us!).

No deviations from the 5-7-5 formatting...this is STRICTLY 5-7-5 according to:

first line - 5 syllables
second line - 7 syllables
third line - 5 syllables

So, start choosing a favorite sweet treat and getting those poetic licenses and pens at the ready because your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write us a Sweet Stack that is clever or witty or sad or exciting or scary, ... or just whatever it takes to make us want to vote for your Stack (and perhaps go out and buy some candy - lol)!

P.S. Yes, do please keep it clean, although innuendo is always welcome!!


Author Notes
stacked 5-7-5 four stanza's a favorite candy

One of my grandma's favorites - a candy that was pretty handy at soothing a sore throat.


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