- Autumnal treatsby JLR
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Autumnal treats by JLR
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Snow mingles with autumn gently,
the wisps of mist swirl intently,
from the large mug of pumpkin spice,

the latte correctly balanced ready to serve

Placed on the table we flock 'round,
perfect companions to be bound,
that hefty slice of pumpkin cake,

baked, oh so freshly, teasing rebounds all the eyes

Tomorrow, in snow, we stroll through,
I'll carry my mug of hot brew,
apple cider cinnamon blast,
Enjoying the sipping, until moonlit ado.


Author Notes
ASSIGNED TOPIC: write a florette1 on favorite Halloween candy OR favorite Fall food.
Syllable count: 8/8/8/12. Iambic meter a,a,b,a


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