- Mis-happy New Yearby CrystieCookie999
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Flash true story on New Year's Eve
Mis-happy New Year by CrystieCookie999
True Story Flash contest entry

I volunteered to host a New Year's Eve party in December 1998 for church friends. While decorating the house, I stepped off a folding chair at the wrong angle--spraining my ankle! I cried, wrapped the ankle in a kerchief, and applied a package of frozen peas. When guests arrived, they were gracious and polite—and no one commented on how my ankle was wrapped in a blue kerchief. But walking and dancing on it all night aggravated it. By morning it was black and swollen. I had to use ice and crutches for three weeks of 1999 until it healed.


Author Notes
Frozen vegetable packages make adjustable ice packs. Mother's favorite tip.


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