- You Truly Need Meby Barb Hensongispsaca
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2019 part 4
: You Truly Need Me by Barb Hensongispsaca

I have a job that can't be beat
'cause what I do is really neat.
I am as handy as can be
just lose me once and you will see.

I hold the stuff you throw away.
It's in one place so you can't say
it's scattered all across the floor.
Just squeeze it in 'cause I'll hold more.

You practice to improve your skills
at throwing paper wads until
you improvise the hole-in-one.
Without me, you would have no fun.

You have some garbage that must go
but nothing into which to throw.
Instead of throwing on the floor,
put trash in me, then out the door.

You keep my brothers in each room,
just sweep up stuff with pan and broom.
Without me you would be hip deep
in garbage, then where would you sleep?

No matter what, I'm there for you.
I'm colorful and sturdy, too.
Stop throwing things down on the floor.
Just let me do my job before

your place looks like a garbage heap.
My job for you is just to keep
you clean and spotless as can be.
Now see? You can't do without me.


Author Notes
Dolly's Poems told me she thought I could write about anything including a trash can. I hope this works for you.

Bruceiorio thank you for permission to use your picture.


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