- Scene at a Honey Dew Dipping 4by Bill Schott
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a script scene with Pez and Pallas
Scene at a Honey Dew Dipping 4 by Bill Schott

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.

Pez and Pallas have discovered some provocative items while dipping sewage from their uncle's septic tank.

Pallas: I think we're half way to the bottom of this perfume bottle. I haven't pulled up hide nor hair of a relative or postal worker in an hour.

Pez: Likely most of what might have gone in there has settled on the bottom or dissolved.

Pallas: I ain't especially interested in findin' anything more in here.

Pez: We're basically done. Unless another body part appears in this next bucket, we'll close this puppy back up and call it a day.

Pallas: I'd just as soon remain ignorant

Pez: Well you got a lock on that now anyway.

Pallas presents a smile which devolves to a pursed smirk and lowered brow as the implication becomes clear.

Pallas: You know, I am not as stupid as you think I am.

Pez: I guess you really couldn't be.

Pallas pulls up what could be the last pail full of refuse. Dumping it into the garden, he notices what looks like a partial set of dentures.

Pallas: Uh oh. Got some false teeth in this batch.

Pez: Fish'em out.

Pallas, using the point of a shovel, lifts the item out and drops it down by the finger and wig, next to Pez's feet.

Looking at the latest puzzle piece, Pez squints while crouching closer to the item. He slowly reaches out and picks it up for a final determination.

Pallas: So, what do you think? Is industrial strength Polident in order?

Pez: We might need to talk to Zeb.

Pallas: Ya think they're Zeb's false teeth?

Pez: They're not Zeb's -- and they're not false. 

To be continued...


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