- You tell me, are you?by JLR
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The mirror talks back...
You tell me, are you? by JLR
Oh, you are... are you? writing prompt entry
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Oh, you are such a compassionate being.
You've been told by many a fellow,
lass and lad also,
just how kind are you?

Oh, you are a lover of music,
But you surely, limit the genre
To a tight package for sure,
music lover, are you?

Oh, you are person quick to blush
but many wouldn't know because of your
ruddy complexion presenting a healthy reddish glow
such a blusher, are you?

Oh, you are always smiling a wide bright beam
showing a deep sense of calm and insight into a peace
which makes all around smile back.
Smiling chap, are you?

Oh, you are such an overachiever,
even retired your schedule so full
It's hard to keep up with all you want to do,
takes one to know one, are you?

Oh, you are free verse poet "want to be"
words fling forth and fall to a page
verse that might make some poets rage.
But words will continue to fall to the page.

Writing Prompt
Write a humorous free verse or free style poem about YOU, as though you are talking to yourself! Recommended (but not required) that you start every stanza (except your last stanza) with "You are..." . You may start your last stanza with whatever you choose. Your poem can be of any length and genre.


Author Notes
A free verse entry for the contest Oh you are....are you.

art work: Old man and the sea..Of ink by MKFlood on


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