- Ronni
This work has reached the exceptional level
in sunlight or starlinght
Places... by Ronni

Despite all the ideal places and most fascinating ways ardently sought
no matter where or what kind of secret rendezvous or mystic raptures
taunt and tease our fantasies or anticipations in wishes or silent thought

can find us
virtually anywhere
any way, any place, any time
on a bus or park bench
waiting room chair
a beguiling smile
just across the aisle
in a grocery store
strolling through a park
in sunlight or moonlight

Going the same way home
alone, dismayed, weary
dreading end of day
with sad heart in tow
it only takes
one sudden or simple event
like a haunting song or poem
suddenly brings
a surprised heart
a castle of dreams
a wish come true
soul's gladdened smile anew
with chance peeking in
beyond yesterdays gloom
joys vivacious sensations sweep in
like an instant embrace
in a sudden, chance
beckoning you to pause and stay
or even soundless, safest, sweetness
of familiarly just back home...



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