- Divine showcase by JLR
This work has reached the exceptional level
Just look with eyes hear with your ears to Gods' presen
Divine showcase by JLR

Little leaves dancing in the breeze.

Wisps of mist, swirling, twist.

Silence creates a backdrop for 
this spacious landscape, so peaceful.

The goose and the gander
with six goslings waddling.

The buzz of the bees
drinking quietly, the sweet
nectar of the yellow and blue
pistles buried in the center of petals.

Not a ripple nor a wake disturbs
the stillness of the lake.

The sudden sounds of splashing
of children swimming over yonder.

It is this, being present, witnessing
the magnificent of God creating each and 
every wonder-filled soul
each his uniquely crafted scenes.

I am so fortunate to share in this 
oh so, thin place.
sitting here in God’s special place.



Author Notes
If we stop, just long enough to take all that our eyes see, right in front of us, open our ears to hear what is just beyond our line of sight. We surely must then be honest that God out puts on an award winning show each and every day.


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